Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short Weekend...

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping this up like I promised. It's difficult. Not actually writing the blogs, but physically getting a chance, and TIME, to write them. Our lives are so crazy right now. Today is the first day I've seen my kids in a week. Yesterday was a mandatory overtime work day, and I had my KYRW meeting yesterday afternoon. (Which was awesome by the way! Hello ladies.) Kids had an eye appointment early yesterday morning, so this is the first time I've seen them in forever.

I'm making them clean today. Maybe they want me to go back to work.

Hubby is pretty frazzled. He had no idea how busy the evenings were, and what all needed done before he could head to bed. Cleaning has kind of taken a back burner, recently, and my one day off, I have to clean up five days worth of clutter.

Oh, and look for a dog.

Cricket is missing. The little Pomeranian. She was riding in the truck bed with the mastiff yesterday when hubby went down the road. He only went about a mile, then turned around and came back. But somewhere in between Cricket either jumped out or fell out. Or maybe Murphy threw her over the side? Either way, we can't find her. I went up and down the road on the 4 wheeler talking to the neighbors in the rain looking for her. No Cricket. One little girl saw her running towards home yesterday afternoon, but that's the last sighting. I'm afraid somebody stopped and picked her up and took her home.

Makes me sad.

If that did happen, I really hope she gets a good home.

Well, hubby's home. May go spend a few hours with him before bed. Have a good Sunday all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to the Land of the Living...

Yes, it's me. I'm back.


I tell you, it is incredibly hard going without internet for 2 months. I didn't think I was so hooked I couldn't go without, but man, that 2 month span was a real test. I broke down once and went to Starbucks to download e-mails, but that was the only time.

And , of course, internet was the last utility to be hooked up. We kind of drug our feet because we didn't want to pay a guy $300 just to come out and set the dish. We tried to hook it up ourselves, but we had no way to hone in the position to the satellite. So, $125 later, we're set. We had the contractor position the dish, then hubby (wonderful, darling, hubby) finished running the wire.

And I'm live. Yay!

House is pretty much done. There's some trimwork outside and inside that needs repaired, but other than that, we're done. Finally. I thought building a house would be bad, but this has been bad enough. Nothing worked out the way it was supposed to. We had so much rain this summer, that every time a contractor planned to come out, they were delayed. Even on my hilltop, it was a muddy mess more often than not.

Just moving the house out here took 2 days, and had my road closed for a total of about 10 hours.

No, that's not our driveway. That is our road. At one point, there were guys on the roof with chainsaws clearing the way.

Anyway, all is settled now and I love my house. I adore my big kitchen. My mom and step-dad came down a couple weeks ago, and I invited a neighbor up for dinner. I actually had room for everybody to sit down and eat together.

And I had a dishwasher to clean up when we were done.

I love my dishwasher.

My writing did suffer over those two months though. My poor laptop did not see the light of day much at all over that time.When I did write, I used pen and paper. Now I have to transfer everything to pc.

I have noticed, though, that I have a lot more enthusiasm for my wips. I'm excited to get back to the keyboard.

Maybe the break was good?

Work has been keeping me worn out too. As if moving and the kids starting school aren't enough, I accepted a job working at Toyota. And it is kicking my butt. Big time. It's afternoon shift, for one thing, so I don't get to see my kids and hubby much. The money is nice. I'm getting at least an hour of overtime a night. But man, it wears on your body. For a month now, my feet have been bruised. Not just sore. Actually bruised. Hubby tried to give me a foot rub last week, and it actually hurt.

So, that's my life in a nutshell right now. We're loving the house, and trying to get into the new schedule.

And I'm trying to get back into my writing.

So, till next time...