Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mmmm, Mushrooms...

For those of you that don't know, these are Morel mushrooms. They have a very short life and can actually grow several inches in a day. They grow in warm, moist areas, usually on northward facing hills. And they taste PHENOMENAL! Coated in flour and sauteed in butter is the best way. Yummy!!!

Unfortunately, these ones are dry. The exterior actually feels like wood. I knew I was a little late in the season to find them, but I thought we would try anyway. My kids actually found them, with their sharp little eyes. Magdalena Scott and I were talking about Morels at the conference this past weekend, and my dad had said that a buddy of his was finding oodles of them up north, so I thought I would check. I keep forgetting though that Ky runs about 2 weeks ahead of Ohio, so where they are in the height of the season up there, it's past down here.

I have heard though, that if you soak the mushrooms in water and pour the water into the ground in a mushroom-friendly environment, they may come up there the next year. Something about the spores dispersing in the water. So, I'll try that later on today.

Chick count is 23 now. I think. They're pretty hard to count. How many heads can you count in this bucket?

Also, just a warning, ticks are out already. Be sure your kids and pets are protected.


  1. Here's hoping your mushroom garden works out, Jennifer!

    I'll skip the opportunity to count the chick heads. So afraid of winning a chicken.

  2. The chicks in the bucket are too cute! I don't think I've ever seen that kind of mushroom growing around here. I love mushrooms! I've always heard they have zero nutritional value, but who cares. ;o)

  3. Awwww, come on Magdalena, I'm sinking, here. Drowning in feathers!
    Devon, I bet you have them, just never noticed them. They're delicious. And if you cook them like I do, believe me, you'll get your calorie load for the day!

  4. Morels! My dad used to hunt them and bring 'em home. Every once in a while he'll find a few on his Ohio farm. Used to he'd head north to Michigan, too. They ARE good!

    About the chicks. Too cute! But then the grow up... LOL

  5. Oh, I know! The ones from Michigan are ginormous! Wonder if they have the same flavor?
    I know the chicks are cute. I think an ad in the paper is coming soon, though. I can't keep them all, even if I could eat all the eggs.