Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sex All Weekend Long...

Had a wonderful experience this weekend. Mary Buckham, writer and professional critique-er (is that a word?) came to speak to our group, the Kentucky Romance Writers, on including sensuality in our writing. No, not sex, SENSUALITY. Yes, there is a difference. Sex is sex, But sensuality is everything that builds up to the actual act. All the hot glances, little touches, tense moments. Everything that makes the reader keep turning the pages. It was a VERY informative day, and she was such a gracious speaker.

The day before, on Friday, we explored our little corner of Kentucky. We started with lunch at Wallace Station, then moved on to a tour of Three Chimneys Farm, which was an enlightening experience in sex itself. We toured the stallion barns, where we met Big Brown, Smarty Jones and so many other phenomenal horses standing at stud there. We also watched three live breedings, which was very exciting.

This is the famous stud Dynaformer, father of Barbaro, getting a bath. Dynaformer brings in a paltry stud fee of $150,000 a cover, THREE TIMES A DAY! At 25, he is one of the oldest studs, but he's still going strong. You go old man!

I think us Kentuckians even taught Mary a thing or two about sex that day.

From left to right we have Tracy, Heidi, Stephanie, Kathy, Mary and Saundra. I, of course, am taking the pic.

From the farm we proceeded to Keeneland, where I have never been before. What a beautiful race track. Nothing was really going on , of course, but it was neat to explore the shop and paddock area.

I had to peel off after Keeneland and go to work, but the rest of the girls went on to Equus Run Vineyards, where they may have imbibed in just a little wine. (ie. a bottle or three?)

Nah, just kidding...mostly. Everybody had a wonderful weekend, and Mary was exceptional. If you check out her website, you will find that she has critique services available, and her prices are all included. From what I saw, she is well worth her time and money.


  1. A rearing good time was had by all...especially the horses!! lol

    I had a great time Friday. Looking forward to the next get together.

    Tracy :o)

  2. Me too. We missed you Saturday. There was one chair left that had your name on it.
    Well, get healthy and come to the next one. :)