Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lexington Herald...

The second piece of information from yesterday was that I was interviewed by the Lexington Herald!!! No, I'm not published yet, but the fact that I was unpublished was why he wanted to talk to me. Kathy Logan, the current President of KYRW, had sent a message around the loop, saying that a reporter wanted to do an article on romance writers in Kentucky. Those that wanted to be interviewed were to forward their information. I threw my name into the hat for the heck of it, and he called me. Honestly, I think the ex-cop-to-romance-writer thing was what caught his eye.
He asked a lot of in-depth questions which I hope I answered intelligently. I made sure to throw in as many authors and publishers names as I could. I gave him an outline of what my current story was about, and who I was going to submit to.
I also told him how completely wonderful and encouraging the romance writing community was to us newbies.
He wasn't sure exactly when the article was coming out, but said he would try to drop me an e-mail. So, If you get the Herald, maybe you can let me know. ...
Hope it's a good article....


  1. Congratulations! Now you're going to be a celebrity! ;o)

  2. Well, I don't know about that. Mom was impressed, but I think it's in her job description that she has to be.....

  3. Terrific, Jennifer! I hope the article will be online so we can all read it!

  4. I hope so too. May be the only way I see it.

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