Monday, June 1, 2009

Today is an important day...

Because it is my dad's birthday. Hi Dad. Happy Birthday. I won't tell how old he is, just in case he's squemish. We'll just say he has many years of experience, and the white hair to prove it.

We got together with Pop and Nee , as the kids call them, Friday, and had a wonderful dinner at Malone's. (Have to tell ya, that place is addictive. They wanted to go there, and they live in Ohio!) They got a hotel room that night in Lexington, then were heading south to Nashville / Knoxville area on the Goldwing. We had a nice visit while they were here.

Dad's favorite thing to do is go for a ride on the motorcycle. 1300, 1500 miles in a weekend is no big deal for Dad. He's always had bikes, for as long as I can remember. Usually fast bikes. If he didn't have a fast bike, he had a fast car. There was also a fast boat or two thrown in there as well. See the pattern?

I think Dad's met more cops than I have. And that's saying a lot.

But we love him anyway.

Have a Happy Birthday Dad. Oh, wait, by the time you read this, your birthday will be over.

Have a good day Dad.


  1. Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. Happy birthday to your dad! He sounds like my dad with the cars and bikes and such. Dad was still 25 until the day he passed on. And quite the ladies man as well.

  2. Happy birthday, Jennifer's Dad. Please observe all posted speed limits.


  3. Devon, tell hubby Happy B-day! Hope you made him a cake.
    Magdalena, you're hoping for a lot. He said he was running about 90 on 75 south of Cincinatti. Bad part was, he was just keeping up with traffic.