Friday, June 12, 2009

True Love sucks....

So, I have these two ducks that absolutely drive me nuts. They crap everywhere, eat all the chicken feed, and generally just make a mess with their feathers and stuff. They don't stay down at the pond where they are supposed to, they hike a quarter mile up to the barn to see what they can get into. They irritate the heck out of me, and I've wished more than once that somebody would eat the damn things.
Well, somebody did. But they only ate one.
So now the male wanders around everywhere quacking, looking for his female. He's been doing this for two days now. It was irritating at first, now it's just sad.
I felt guilty for wishing somebody would eat them, and now I feel even worse because this duck actually cared for his female. He's lost his love. My daughter told me ,"Oh Mommy, he's crying!"
Yeah, Honey, ok, thanks for rubbing it in that mommy wanted them to get eaten.
But you know what? I'm getting over my guilt and kind of wishing he'd get eaten now too, but for a different reason. Maybe there's some little duck pond up in heaven where she's waiting on him now. Maybe they can be reunited once again. And have little duck babies like they tried to do here, but it never worked out.
Hmmm, am I totally off my rocker, or what?


  1. Ah, Jennifer. That is so sad. Maybe you might consider getting him another lady duck.

  2. You're just a sentimental softie, aren't you, Jennifer? Poor sad duck needs to be eaten to resolve issues.

    Or you could go Devon's route and get him a new lady fair.

    Or maybe you know a local duck owner who would like to adopt Your Duck into his "herd?" Of course maybe Your Duck wouldn't be accepted, and there would be punishment by the other ducks...

    Gee, this is complicated.


  3. You're telling me!!! The problem with getting him another duck is if you order them from a fowl supplier, you usually have to order at last a dozen of something. The babies are only days old, and need several others to be kept warm during shipping. Also too, if I order or buy another duck, I'm pretty much sentencing the thing to death by coming here. We actually have five ponds, and I have tried to move the ducks, but they keep finding their way back to the original pond. They can't fly, they can only waddle. It may take them a day of walking, but they eventually find it.
    Hubby suggested taking them to somebody else's pond, but I don't know that that would work either. I have visions of duck feathers scattered across ky 32.
    I don't know what to do with the damn thing.

  4. Another bad part is that the coyotes around here have no fear. I think I've mentioned before that they've taken ducks off the pond DURING THE DAY!!! If I see a coyote, I will shoot the thing if I get the chance.