Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uh, Honey, the barn is rolling away....

So, I don't know if anybody else had any issues with the weather last night, but we certainly did.
This is a barn hubby and I built a couple of years ago. We were going to separate my stud horses away from the rest, and eventually get a few mares, but the idea kind of fizzled away and my studs have since died. The barn has been used for storage since then.
So, yesterday afternoon, Hubby woke me from a nap and told me we were having a major storm. Everything was blowing around us; kids toys, kittens, misc. things. And it was all blowing in the wrong direction. Our wind always, always comes from the West. Yesterday, it was coming from the North. The door of this barn faces the north. The storm simply picked the sucker up and rolled it over. Unfortunately, it rolled it over on top of two trailers we parked down there (out of the way, we thought) three days ago. 3 days. Doesn't it just figure? If the trailers had not been there, the barn would have simply rolled onto it's roof and stopped. Instead, it's all cock-eyed now and dangerous. We won't be able to tell if the trailers are damaged or not until we get the barn off of them.
The good news is, the insurance man came out and we should be getting a check in a couple of days. We were not the only stop he had planned for today; other people were waiting for him with other damage from the same storm. Helped back up our claim a little bit.

How on earth we're going to get the barn down, I have no idea. Maybe a storm will come out of the south and flip it back over for us.


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  1. Jennifer, this is horrible! I feel for you. We had something similar happen in Texas. A storm blew through and put a huge tree down through our horse shed. Luckily, the horses weren't in it at the time. It turned the roof inside-out so that the eaves were pointed up and the peak was nearly on the ground inside the shed.

    I just happened over here to see if you'd posted anything lately. As far as I can tell, your new posts still aren't showing up anywhere. If you look at my blog list you'll see that it's showing your last post from six months ago when you had your anniversary.