Sunday, February 1, 2009

Family time

Today has been a wonderful day. In addition to the weather warming up and the ice melting, we really had some awesome family time today. The kids came out to play, and I told them it would be a good time to go sledding, because the snow was kind of hard and would be fast. Our routine is, the kids sit at the top of the horsehill and I push them down as hard as possible. This year we did it a little different.
The kids have those lime green dishes, with handles on the sides and a small hole in the front, where a rope can be tied. I attached a nylon rope to the dish, then to the back of my 4 wheeler. We've never tried this before, so I was very gentle as I took off with my eight yo. He screamed and hollered, so I went a little faster, and it was a blast. The line was long enough he was not getting pelted with snow, and when I made the turn at the bottom of the hill the centifugal force actually made the sled go faster than I was, making us run side by side for a while. As we're doing this, my husband is running around on the other bike spraying us with snow. It was a blast. When my daughter got on the dish, I went a lot slower, and the Pom was chasing after her as fast as she could. That dog ran as far as I rode today, which was a long ways. My daughter loved sledding, and did not want to get off. If I pulled them just fast enough, it was almost like water skiing, and the ruts in the snow were like the waves. Both kids balanced themselves perfectly, and only my son took a couple of tumbles.
Well, till Daddy got on.
At 35, my husband is just an overgrown child, and he wanted his turn. Of course, I went as fast as I dared, until I finally dumped him at the bottom of the hill when I went in for the turn. But that was not enough to discourage him though. I would have given my right leg to have my camera in my hands when he pulled the mastiff into his arms, and told me, "Go, go, go!"
I took off and got about 5 feet before the line snapped. That small nylon cord was not made to withstand 400lbs of force.
After the line snapped, my husband had to find other mischief. I found him doing donuts on the upper pond. The temperature is hovering in the 40's now, and I knew the pond would not support him, but would he listen? Of course not. Within 5 minutes all four tires were a foot underwater, and he was calling out, "Uh, Honey?" There is a reason why my bike is the only one that carries tow straps. I'm the only one that tows. That is my job in this marriage, to rescue my husband.
Once we got everybody in the house and dry, we settled down on the bed to get warm and watch some old baby videos. The kids were embarrassed, because every other scene they seemed to be doing something funny-naked. Yes, we did have clothes for our kids, they just never seemed to wear them. Even though there were a lot of groans and giggles and gripes as they watched the tape, I think everybody had fun. I know I did.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! And at 36, my husband is also just an overgrown kid. i don't sweat it to much. I think it just makes them better fathers!

  2. Glad you all had such a great family day. The kids will remember it, even without pictures. :D

    Nothing better than making memories!