Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storms are settling...

So, did everybody else make it through the storm OK? Here in Northern Ky we're a bit windblown, but good. We did not have a tornado warning, like the southern part of the state, but some of the gusts got up to 60 mph. One of the forecasters said it was a year ago this week that Nicholas county had that bad windshear come through and rip up a bunch of houses. That was only a few miles away from us. We are not in a ideal location at all. We're at the top of a very high , BARE hill. The trees that were up here got damaged by ice several years ago and blown down. Don't know. We weren't here for the last ice storm. I guess we can be thankful though. My neighbor down the hill said the kids were off school for 6 WEEKS after that storm.

Ugh! And I thought 10 days was bad.

Anyway, we got pounded by rain for about twenty minutes, then everything cleared up and the sun was shining like nothing had happened! The pictures above are the sun hitting an opposite hill and the black weather moving east.

On a different note, I sent the girl to school today. I sat her down and told her it would be nice to give Nicole a valentine, because she may not get any if she's mean to everybody, and that would make her very sad. I told my daughter that it was her choice, though, whether or not she gave her one. Daughter sat down and thought for a while, before finally telling me ,"Fine. I'll give her one, but it doesn't mean she's my friend." I left it at that.


  1. I'm down in southern Ky, east of I-75, and the storm was pretty bad. For the past few years, any tornadoes in the area seem to target my neighborhood. We've had 3 very close calls in as many years. The problem here is all the ancient trees. They're everywhere. But, one by one, they're being taken down by the wind. Sometimes the electric goes with them. We've had damage several times. Yesterday, a huge oak came down out back. Fortunately, it barely missed the electric lines and dropped in my neighbor's yard.

    I smiled when I read your daughter's decision about the valentine. She sounds more mature than many adults. :o)

  2. Wow, I'm glad you're ok. My husband has buddies that live in Berea and Richmond, and he said they had a lot of damage. Roofs off barns, stuff like that. Trees were the least of it. I does seem like the bad stuff heads a bit south of us.
    And my daughter does have very adult flashes of insight sometimes. She's a wonderful little person.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Jennifer,

    I'm very impressed with your daughter's wisdom.

    It's so hard to watch children grow up, especially when painful stuff like this gets thrown into their paths.