Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Okay, first off the picture was small, and I thought this was a woman. Oh well, the basic idea is the same.

I am swimming in paperwork.

And, the kids are home again today, of course. 8 days and counting.

Friday, hubby and I have an appointment to get our taxes worked on. What a mess. He travels for work, and for the past several years he's worked at least a few months of the year in Canada. Enough that he has his own Canadian id number. Woohoo. Anyway, the company pays the taxes, but we still have to account for them on our taxes. No H and R Block this year. Then he has Georgetown tax, and Scott county tax that needs to be amended for the past two years to account for the Canada tax.

What a nasty mess. I HATE taxes.

Then we sold a vehicle the other day, a jeep, and man is Ky making the money. My tag was paid up until 12-09, but somehow I still owed $30 in tax. The guy that bought the truck needed to pay tax on top of mine to December, and it was several hundred dollars. So basically, Ky is getting double the tax for this year for the vehicle.

How is that right?

I can only shake my head and grit my teeth as I write out the checks I guess. The only good part is we should be getting a hefty chunk back from taxes, so hopefully all the headache will be worth it.



  1. Good luck with the taxes. I sure hope you'll get that hefty refund you expect!

  2. Me too. It's not like we're going to see it though. It'll just go to bills and be gone again. :-D