Sunday, May 3, 2009

Derby Afterglow... Mine Who???

So how many of you watched the Derby? If you're a Kentuckian, I shouldn't have to ask this question.
For those of you that did not watch the Derby, Shame on you. It was FABULOUS!! It was gutwrenching, unexpected and so completely thrilling. It was a perfect example of the underdog coming out on top.
Mine That Bird was a relative unknown from New Mexico, of all places. No great record, no great pedigree, no great trainer. Just an average thouroughbred. The only thing he did have going for him was an awesome jockey, Calvin Burel. It's so refreshing to see Calvin when he wins, because his emotion is out there for all to see. He cried because his mom and dad couldn't see him. How sad. Even I teared up.
Although he cried the day before too, at the Oaks.
It's been a busy weekend for Calvin.
Friday was Kentucky Oaks day, for the girls. Calvin was on Rachel Alexandra, and he absolutely DOMINATED to field. You can watch it here. He was second at the start and held his position all the way around the track, until the final turn, when he let the filly have a bit of rein. She took off! He was not pushing her though, just riding along. If you look at the clips, it even looks as though he may be pulling her back a bit.
The filly won by 20 1/4 lengths, and she wasn't even running hard. Her time was 1:48.87, just .23 off the track record.
I wonder what she would have done if Calvin had actually pushed her a bit?
I wonder what she would have done in the Derby?
It was an amazing weekend for Calvin Burel.
I wish him congratulations!


  1. It was just fantastic, wasn't it? I was focused on General Quarters and then out of the blue like a flash on the inside. Simply beautiful. And yes, Calvin was awesome. What a great story.

  2. I was disappointed for General Quarters too, simply because of the backstory. I was actually disappointed for the Eight Belles trainer too, because they're retiring this year. Such a sad way to end a career.
    Thanks, Maddie.

  3. I'm probably the only person who didn't watch any of the races. But I did watch the recaps. The Derby victory was absolutely stunning! Had to watch it a few times, over and over, to get the full picture of what happened. It was great!

  4. Devon, you needs to watch the Oaks too. I think it was just as good, if not better.

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