Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fornication Farm...

So, talking to a relative the other day (who will remain nameless bc she has a dirty mind), she referred to my farm as "Fornication Farm". I laughed, but I really have no idea what she's talking about.

These are some of my older chicks. They've completely destroyed the inside of the rabbit hutch. Bunnies are NOT going to want to go back in there.

This is the hen taking care of her babies. There are 4 in the grass. Can you see them?

Then this is a picture of a couple of kittens we were suprised with yesterday. Video Game Cat (named by my daughter) is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I think she may have actually been clipped in the head by a horse hoof. No balance, acts like a dog. I never imagined she would have babies. But she did.
Anyway, the black and white one has no tail, like her momma. I think having no tail makes momma stupid too. She's just not your average cat.

And the little box they're in. Yeah, my step-dad built that for when we have bunnies again.

I just don't understand what she means by "Fornication Farms".


  1. Jennifer, when I saw the title of your post, I was almost afraid to click over here. Ha-ha! You've got babies popping up everywhere. Love the pictures. Mama hen is a good lookin' gal. And the kittens are so cute! I thought my cat had a weird name but yours takes the cake.

  2. Oh, yes. Good old VGC. Sounds like a disease doesn't it? Then we had Chewy, and BlackandWhite, and Tinsel, and Pickle. Most of them are gone now, but my kids come up with all the cat names. I'm surprised my daughter hasn't named the babies yet.

  3. Love the pictures, Jennifer! I know the big horse farms have signs telling their names, but I'm kinda hoping you're not planning to post a large placard saying FORNICATION FARMS.


  4. Why not? Sounds like a prolific farm to me...