Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, wednesday...

Isn't this pretty? It's the view from my yard down to one of our ponds.

I wish the day was going to be as pretty. I have to take my son in to get an EEG, which is part of his testing for ADD. I talked to our local doctor about his discipline issues, and she set me up to get all these other things done. I, personally, don't think he has ADD. The teachers do. The doctor's not sure. But we have to rule it out. Last week, he was solid gold, and he only got 1 discipline stick for the week. Over the weekend he was perfect. Then Monday, I get a call that he had been suspended for writing bad things on his hand. Just for 1 day, but still. Frustrates the hell out of me.

While we are in town for the doctor, I am turning in my census bureau computer and misc. junk. My crew leader called me last night to see if I wanted to take a weekend trip to get Hazard, Ky done. Aren't they flooded right now? I told her no thank you. I have plans anyway to go to my KyRw meeting saturday. Yahoo!!!

I've been bitten by the writing bug bad since my job ended. Last night I think I pounded out about 7 K words on two different manuscripts. It helped that the house was quiet and I didn't have to break up my day with the job. Contemplating taking the laptop with me to the dr's office. Mmmm, maybe not. I'd be in deep doo-doo if something happened to it.

I'm also conducting an experiment. A chicken experiment. I have 20 some babies in my rabbit hutch right now under a heat lamp. Growing. Eating. Pooping. And growing some more. I also have a crazy gray hen who hatched out 4 babies. I don't think they're actually her babies, but they were under her when the eggs cracked, so she has claimed them. I've decided to let her raise the babies. Because as crazy as she is, she's an awesome momma. She clucks to the babies and digs then up food, guides them away from danger, etc. I'm really impressed with how well she's doing. I watched her last night for a while. She found a piece of dogfood on the ground yesterday, and banged that piece on the ground for probably 5 minutes so the babies could eat the smaller pieces. I'm embarrassed to say, it's fascinating to watch her.

So, my experiment is, to see which babies do better. Those in the cage being cared for by me, or the 4 babies running around with momma. I have a feeling momma will do better. I'll keep you updated.

Anyway, have a good Wednesday.


  1. So the prodding and poking begins. I'm sorry Jake has to go through this. Sorry for you, too. I hope you get some good results.

    Holy crap! You wrote 7K wds.! In one day! I've never in my life written that many wds. in one day. You go, girl!!!

    Some of those old hens do make good mamas. When I was young, I got flogged fairly regularly by some old hen trying to protect her chicks. Shoot, all I wanted to do was hold one of them for a while. Don't be embarrassed because you're an observer. I think all good writers are avid observers at some point. What bothers me is the people who see NOTHING that goes on around them. It's like the whole world is walking around with their heads up their butts.

  2. I hope the doctor visit turns out well!

    The chicken-raisin' experiment sounds interesting.

  3. Devon, don't get too excited. I went back and deleted a bunch of it today because I didn't like it. I still made progress though. I just wish I could be more steady.
    And I totally agree about the head up the butt thing. And it's spreading, isn't it?
    Magdalena, the drs visit went fine, but of course we won't hear anything for several days. I'll keep you posted.

  4. Luck with the EKG. Hope you get the result you need. So will you tell us about the current project?

    Beautiful pic. I love sunrise and misty hills. Post those any time.