Monday, May 18, 2009

Techniques of the Selling Writer...

Saturday I went to a meeting in Lexington for KYRW. Everybody was supposed to meet for lunch at Malone's before the meeting, but for some reason only 3 of us showed up. (Hi Fonda and Rita!) 9 showed up for the meeting, and Teresa Reasor did a great demonstration on Sue Vider's 'Deal a Story' card game. Oh, yeah, and I won a book. 'Techniques of the selling Writer'. I never winn anything! But Saturday was apparently my lucky day.
On my way home, I talked to hubby and decided to stop for pizza and beer. I went into Little Ceasars to pick up a couple of the ready made pizzas, and of course they were running out and had more in the oven. So, I ran a couple doors down to the liquor joint and watched the Preakness with the owner.
Damn! What a great race. For those of you who have not seen it, check it out here.
Even the replays give me goosebumps. Once again, Calvin Burel comes through.
Went back to LC and the pizzas still weren't done. I paid for 2 pizzas and an order of wings. By the time I had walked out of there, the girl had given me an extra pizza, crazy bread and dipping sauce to go with my original order. Because I had waited so long.
I'll wait an extra 10 minutes for another pizza. The spare went into the freezer for later.
Night all.
Oh, by the way, Chickie experiment is doing ok. Chicks in cage are growing faster than the Free-range Foursome, I think simply because they gorge themselves on the manufactured chick food. I put chickfood out for the Foursome, but they don't eat as much.
I'm just amazed none of the four have been eaten yet.
Till next time...


  1. Jennifer, I thought you were going to share a few tips about how to be a selling writer. ;o)

    Glad to hear all the chicks are doing well.

  2. Well, Devon, I kinda have to read the book first. I just won it. I'll fill you in when I finish it though.