Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good morning all. I thought this was a beautiful sight to wake up to, as well as the frost-free-ness of the morning. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm ready for spring.

Yesterday, while I was feeding the horses, I heard this strange sound over my head, and when I looked up the sky was black with birds. BLACK! I was all starlings, those plain dark brownish birds that are everywhere, and propagate uncontrollably. I think that was why there were so many, because baby time is coming. A million does not seem like too big a number. The black cloud just kept coming and coming. Our hill is also only a little ways away from Clay Wildlife Farm, where they were probably going to roost. It was really neat though watching them all fly in formation.

The chickens freaked. Last year we had a hawk that snatched one of my best laying hens (of course) during the day, just swooped in and took her, and ever since then the chickies are pretty schizoid when they're out. I have 4 roosters, 2 banty and 2 full-size, and they all work pretty well together keeping the hens safe. There are three of them in the pic above, the two on the right and one on the left in the middle with his head down. I've actually seen more hen fights recently than cock fights. I have several youngs hens trying to figure out where they go in the pecking order.

Annie is doing good. I gave in and bought her canned food this week and she is really going after it.

Writing is suffering right now, thanks to Anya Bast. I'm in the middle of Witch Blood and can't put it down. I shouldn't have started it in the first place, but I'm procrastinating because I'm in a bad spot in my ms. Can't seem to work through it. And I don't know how to skip it and go on to the next scene, because everything pivots on this scene, Grrrr.......


  1. Beautiful sunrise! I, too, cannot WAIT for spring- I'm already seeing the shoots of my irises and tiger lilies and that just makes my fingers itch to get some fresh annuals for my flower boxes out front. I'm looking forward to planting my morning glory seeds and getting the garden tilled and get the yard looking nice again after the rough winter winds we've had that downed so many broken branches. And I have to figure out a way to fix the canopy on my swing- the wind ripped it right off.

    Glad to hear Annie is doing so well and really enjoying the canned food. :D

    You'll get through the bad spot in the ms. {{hugs}} Maybe you just need a little time away from it so you can come back refreshed and ready to pound it out.

  2. Morning, Jenifer! I love the pictures. The duck feeding with the chickens is too cute!

    We're also anxious for spring. Hubby remarked yesterday that this has been a long winter. He's ready to get outside and piddle.

    Just stick with the scene and you'll get through it. I know how frustrating it is, but you can do it!

    Glad Annie is doing well. She looks like such a sweet old gal. :o)

  3. Thanks girls. Glad i'm not the only one with itchy gardening hands. My husband and I talked, and we're going to have a huge garden this year. I've got a few green shoots coming up, but I'm afraid March is going to throw us another zinger and ruin everything.
    Devon, you can have the ducks. They drive me nuts! We call them coyote bait, but even the coyotes apparently prefer chicken over duck. This pair must lead charmed lives!

  4. I guess my comment didn't take. Arrgh.

    Jennifer, thank you for the pictures, and for the update on Annie. Bless her heart!

    As beautiful as today is, I'm afraid to say, "Hurry Spring," because as bad as non-tornado season winds have been, I dread tornado season. Yikes.

    I hope you'll find the inspiration you need for that tough spot in your MS, Jennifer. Maybe ask the ducks? They should be good for something!