Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word Count...

Ok, I didn't do as good as I had hoped on my word count. I only got a little over 2200 words down. My problem was, it was beautiful outside. I had to go out and get some work done. And enjoy the sun.
For writing purposes, I find that rainy days do the best. There is no guilt in sitting down at the computer for hours on end and not getting stuff done outside. If the sun is out, I should be out doing something. That's what my head tells me, even though my heart is pulling me back in the house to the desk.
I'm getting ready now to go on a long walk, and I'm probably going to work on fence after that. Have to keep the chickies out of the garden, you know. I'll come in around lunch and spend some guilt-free time at the computer as I eat.
What kind of weather is most productive to your writing habits? Or times?


  1. I used to think winter would be my most productive time but after a few years, I discovered that isn't the case at all. I'm most productive when the weather is gorgeous and it's because my spirits are higher, I'm feeling more optimistic, and so on.

    I'm sorry you didn't make your goal yesterday, but 2200 ain't too shabby. For me, that would be a terrific writing day. But I write *every* day, so I guess that's the difference. Have you tried setting aside certain days, or hours in certain days for writing? Just wondering if you already had the time allotted, if you would still feel guilty about it

  2. The couple of hours around lunch I allocate to writing. That's when I come in for a break from chores or whatever. I finish my luch and I sit and type usually for a couple of hours, more if I'm on a roll. Kids get off the bus at 3:30, so that usually puts an end to the writing for a while.
    I, on the other hand, find I do better writing in the winter time. Not as much pull to be outside, I guess.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Jennifer, I did well today (!) and maybe you can put that down to the better emotional outlook I have on a sunny day. Or maybe it's because I left the house with Mobile Unit One and had nothing else available for entertainment. Or maybe it's because I finally allowed myself to write the story I've been wanting to write.

    Not sure the weather has a lot to do with my writing, except too many days of drear in a row tend to make me sluggish in general.

    2200 words is nothing to sneeze at, IMHO.


  4. Thanks Magdalena! I'm glad you had a good writing day too. And I think you should always write the story you want to write.