Monday, March 16, 2009

No writing done this weekend...

Which was not a surprise. I knew I wouldn't get anything done till this morning.

We headed north this weekend, this time to see my dad, who lives around the Columbus area. Saturday morning early (ugh, shoot-me-now early) we headed up to the convention center at 68 and Interstate 71. Hubby, my dad, my son and my step-brother went to the Ohio Gun Collectors Club there. I guess it's a pretty exclusive club. You have to pay dues and everything, so that kind of excludes the average flea-market-type gun seller. Little girl and I headed on up to Columbus to meet up with my step-mom and cousin. We went to the Dublin Irish Festival saturday, while the guys were at the gun show. It was cute. Not as big as the one in the summer, but still cute. They had a lot of kid friendly things to do- bouncy stuff, planting plants and other things. After that we went to the mall at Tuttle crossing. I had to find an outfit or two for the KYRWA Conference coming up in two weeks. I found exactly what I wanted, and maybe a little extra. And we had a great 'Girls Day Out'.

In the afternoon, we ALL met up at the house. The girls ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the boy's purchases, and they had to do the same for us. We had an awesome visit, posibly, just possibly, involving a little too much alcohol. ;) Somebody came up with the idea to go to our favorite mexican restaurant, and the only way logistically we could do it was with Dad's truck. I'm the DD, always have been, always will be, because I very rarely drink. So with me driving, step-mom beside me, kids behind in the jump-seats, and Dad, Hubby, step-bother and cousin in the back we headed to El Vaquero. They do not know what hit them. They're probably still recovering.

All in all though, it was a really good visit. No mishaps on the way home, and sunday a nice liesurely trip back to Kentucky.

Writing- zilch. I've got to get on the stick. I've had too many zilch days recently.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day and evening out. I know what you're talking about with the restaurant. We do the same thing when mom comes up from TX for her yearly visit. All her kids and grandkids live here. We all do the restaurant thing once while she's here and show up en masse. By the time we leave, the area where we sit looks like a tornado blew through.

    No writing for me either this weekend. Still trying to get at it today. So I sit down to try and sneak in some writing time before I have to start supper and what do I do-- check my buddies' blogs. LOL! That's discipline for you.

  2. I know exactly how it it is! I'm catching up on cleaning that I should have done over the weekend.

  3. Jennifer, I'm glad you had a fun weekend. No doubt you've refilled the well and are ready to hit the writing hard!

  4. Absolutely!!! After dishes...;)
    Ha Ha!!!