Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, Great...

So, March 16th will be a day people in Carlisle Kentucky remember. But not fondly. It's the day we made NATIONAL NEWS. Yep, not the nightly news, but the news shows that are after the nightly news. Theirs is a bit more sensational, a bit more controversial. Anyway, our local high school principal decided to body slam a student on video tape. You can look at it here. Supposedly, he had his reasons, but I don't know. The principal out-weighs the student by at least a hundred pounds, and puts him down not once, but twice. The lawyer for the principal says when you hear his client's side, thoughts will change.

I don't know.

And today is a lucky day, I guess. Remember I applied for the census bureau job months ago? I thought they had filled the positions, but I got the call today. I start training March 30th. The job will only run about 8 weeks, so hopefully it won't take up too much of my time. Anyway, we'd like to take a florida trip with the kids this summer, so the money will come in handy.

I've given myself the task of writing 3k by tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how that goes.



  1. I saw video of that on the news! The report said, the principle felt threatened by the student. Ha! The kid didn't look very threatening to me. He looked more like a victim.

    Congratulations on the new job!!! And good luck with your word quota today! :o)

  2. I've seen the principal in person, and he's a hefty dude. Unless the kid suddenly threatened him with a gun or something, I don't see his actions as being appropriate.
    Yeah, kinda torn about the job. I wasn't heart-broken when they didn't call me. Spring is in the air and lots going on, you know? Oh well, it's only 8 weeks.

  3. Jennifer, this body-slam incident will probably die down after a while. I'll bet in ten years or so nobody will even remember it, and your town will be famous for something else. Hey--way before that, they can be famous for you, right?

    Congratulations on getting the job you almost didn't want. (?)

    Looking to hearing how the word count went today.