Sunday, March 29, 2009

This weekend was a blast. Friday was the booksigning at Barnes and Noble Books, and I know several authors sold out of their books. Yay, Girls!

After the booksigning ( $150 poorer, because I had to buy one from everyone) we went to Malone's for dinner. I REALLY wish I could have been 5 different places at once, to listen and participate with all the conversations that went on. Dinner was wonderful, and after several hours they finally booted us out.

The conference the next day was spectacular. I have so much information floating around in my head. Honestly, I usually nod off a bit when I have meetings in that type of setting, but not yesterday. I could have sat there another two days, just absorbing, and been happy.

I'm off now to try computer story boarding. Thanks Teresa. And maybe some script writing. Thanks Maddie.

I have too many ideas in my head right now not to go write today. Bye all...


  1. Thanks for posting this! I got to live the weekend vicariously through you and Mags. :o)

    BTW, who's the person sitting at the table with Teresa?

  2. No problem. That is Renee Vincent. She has a book out called 'Raelikson'. Haven't read it yet, it's one I bought this weekend though. She seemed very nice.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. She's new to me and I didn't recognize her.

  4. Just how late did you stay at Malone's, Jennifer? I guess I left early...

    It was a wonderful weekend. I'm still worn out. So far I've written the meeting minutes (very short) and typed my notes from Alicia Rasley's workshop. WOW! She had a lot to say, didn't she? I was wondering how many hours she could have kept me riveted with her presentation. Wasn't thinking in terms of days, but maybe you're right about that!

  5. If she threw in everything in her book, I think we could have been there days. I really enjoyed her though.
    I don't think we stayed much longer after you guys left. I just know all the waiters were cleaning around us.