Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, Please don't let me get pulled over now...

So, this is Moose. He was the focal point of my weekend. Yes, he is in the back of my truck.

My mom has two mini mares she wants bred soon. They are in foal now, and for those who are not horse savvy, after the mares have their babies they have a heat, called a foal heat. It is generally when they get re-bred with the next years baby.

Mom wanted my stud up there before the mares had their babies so they could get used to him being around.

Moose had no idea what was going on.

The last time I put him in the back of the truck, he went to the vet. I don't know if he remembered that or not, but he was not happy once I got him in the back. I led him up the deck steps, then hubby backed the Tahoe up to the deck ledge, and I led him in. I tied him down to the anchor in the back corner, and he immediately started pawing the floor with his mad little hoof. I had layered a tarp on the floor, along with a shipping blanket for traction, and they were immediately messed up.

I tried to explain to little man that he was going to meet some girls, but his mad little hoof continued. Finally, I just shut the hatch in his face and we took off.

Eventually, he settled down. The trip to Ohio, and Mom's house, takes about 4 hours, 5 with a horse in the back because you have to slow down for all the curves and accelerate and brake with more care. In all the straight stretches I tried to speed up to make up time.

The entire 5 hour trip, I'm hoping I don't see cops. How the heck would I explain having a horse in the back of my Tahoe? I started coming up with arguments in case I did get pulled over.

'Horse trailer? Why do I need a horse trailer? I have a 180 lb mastiff at home, taller than this mini actually. Do I need to hook up a horse trailer to take him anywhere too?' Then I was thinking it could go the other way too. 'Sure, sure, you can take a picture. And thanks a lot for the warning. I'll know better next time.' Riiight.

The trip was pretty uneventful though. Very few cops, which was a surprise. 23 out of Portsmith is usually crawling with them, but not that day for some reason. I stopped for gas and got a few looks when I opened the hatch to check on him, but other than that, he did great. When we arrived at Mom's house, he leapt (leaped?) out to the ground. I think he was pretty happy to realize he would be with other mini's, because he's only had my big horses to deal with for years. Actually, I'll probably never get him back. Mom feeds twice a day, has nice warm stalls for each one, turns them out during the day, and most important of all, he'll get to use his love sausage, which he hasn't done for many years. I have a feeling I will have an incredible fight if I try to take him away from all that.
Moose is on the left here, introducing himself.

We had a nice visit with my family, and headed south Sunday. The drive down was considerably easier, just two kids and a dog to deal with. While I was up there, I tried to show my mom how to log on here to see what was going on in Ky with her favorite daughter and her grandbabies. We'll see if she responds.

Hi Mom.

So, what did you do this weekend?


  1. Jennifer, I'm not gonna tell you what I did this weekend, cuz it's not nearly as exciting as what you did. ;)

    Hi, Jennifer's mom!

  2. Morning Jennifer! What an adventure your weekend turned out to be!

    I can't say mine was nearly as exciting...My husband found a toad in the backyard...Woohoo! LOL

    Other than that it was laundry and dishes and cooking. Not much else to say about that! hehe!

  3. Jennifer, that is just too funny and cute! He's so adorable! I hope he has fun with the ladies, but I also hope you get to take him home again. I know you'd miss him.

  4. Believe me, Ladies, this was a peculiar weekend. Normally it's dull as dishwater. I was happy though because it gave me something to blog about.
    Thanks for visiting.