Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Man, isn't it cold? Here in Kentucky it's about 28 degrees, and dropping! I had to laugh this morning. We moved down here two years ago from Ohio. This morning on the news, the weather man was saying "be glad you don't live in Ohio, because they're getting pounded." I called my mom , (in Ohio) and told her what he said. She did confirm that they were indeed getting 'pounded'. Ha Ha.
Things have been busy this week. Today I took a Census Bureau Enumerator test. Basically, you go around and ask people questions, like how much they make and where they work, how many people live in the house, stuff like that so that local government is allocated the correct amount of funds. It's part-time work, so I would be able to be home with the kids when I needed to be. Bring in a little extra cash, too.
Tomorrow is my daughter's fifth birthday. Wow! Where has the time gone? She is turning into a beautiful little human being. A little on the ornery side, but absolutely adorable. And sooo unique. I just love her to pieces!
Well, till tomorrow.

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