Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Disaster area

So, I woke up this morning about 5 am, and saw a tree limb iced over and hanging down on the ground. It belonged to the oak tree outside our bedroom, and let me tell you, I have never seen a limb bend like this. I'm amazed it hasn't broken. Normally, it is tall enough that my 8yo has to jump in the air to grab leaves. Now it's laying on the ground.
Amazing, also, is the fact that we have not lost power. I think we're one of about 10 houses in the state of Ky that hasn't lost power. I know, I probably just jinxed myself.
I went out a couple of times to check on my animals. The first time, poor Moose was caked in ice, and shivering bad. I made him go into the barn and gave him grain, but he refused to eat. Moose always, always eats. If the sky was falling, he would not care as long as he had food.Anyway, I scraped off as much ice as I could and rubbed him down with an old barn towel. After half an hour of attention, he finally started to eat. That really scared me though. He never does that.
I opened the door for the chickens, but they flat refused to go out.
The second time we went out, Hubby and I thought we might check out the fence. I thought I heard voices down at the end of our driveway, so I wondered if somebody had gone off the side of our road. Our road is about the width of a driveway, and we live at the top of a steep hill. Most people avoid the hill in the winter time, but some people are stubborn enough to try. Just because. When we got down to the end of our drive, we saw that one of the huge fenceline trees had fallen across our road. It's a huge white oak, and it has to be about a hundred years old. Somebody, though, had cut the heavy limbs that were over the road and pushed them out of the way. The tree is still there, kind of wedged against a couple of other trees, but it will have to be cut out. What fun that will be.
Anyway, thought I would add some pics from the day. Enjoy.
Ok, I guess I lied. For some reason I can't load up my pictures. Guess I'll try tomorrow.


  1. Jennifer,

    I look forward to the pictures. Ice storms are incredible--incredibly beautiful, incredibly destructive. I live in town, and don't have animals outside. Except when I force you-know-who to step out and do his business. Puppy and I aren't speaking today. Long story...