Sunday, January 18, 2009

The romance of my life

No, I'm not talking about any of my manuscripts, I'm talking about my husband. We've been married 12 years today, and it seems like a drop in the bucket. The time has absolutely flown by. Yes, we've had problems to deal with, but as I talk to other people, I'm amazed at how small our problems are compared to theirs. Mark and I NEVER fight. Yes, never. We talk constantly, and he is, absolutely, my best friend in the world, and I am his.

Things didn't start out moonlight and roses. We were in weaving school together, and, NO LIE, the first time he talked to me,he came up to me and asked me if I plucked or shaved my eyebrows!?!?!? Personally, I thought he was a little weird at first, and I think he got that. The next time he tried to come on to me, he asked me how many kids I had, because I had 'childbearing' hips. I was only 20 at the time, and certainly had no kids. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to deck him and just get it over with. Then, I guess, he started to grow on me. We started doing everything together, and in 1997, 4 years after we met, we eloped to the Smoky mountains to get married (which only happened because I asked for a ring for Christmas. You've never seen the exact shade of green he turned!)

Every day, he lets me know how much he loves me, and how happy he is with me. Fifteen years after getting together, he can still make me cry with his love. Ahhh...
I also do have to mention that I went to the KYRWA meeting yesterday, and had a blast. My head was pounding when I came home because I had so much information bouncing around in it! The women are all wonderful, and the lone male member gave us a presentation of 'Pitfalls in Publishing', which was very interesting. I have a very long list of websites and names to look up and explore. And I can't wait!!!
Till tomorrow.

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