Friday, January 16, 2009

Pounding away

My Gosh, it's cold. The only good part about the cold is that it releases you from the requirement of being outside working a lot. I still have to go out and take care of the animals, because inevitably their water is frozen over, at the very least. I think they're kind of bored too, because they really go through the food right now. I think they don't want to go out in the cold any more that I do, and just sit inside and eat all day. The good part to that is, I'm getting about 8 eggs a day now. For the past several months I have not been getting any eggs. I have 20 chickens! You would have thought there would be one or two eggs, here or there, but no. Not until recently, anyway. About two weeks ago, I started getting a couple eggs a day, and now I'm up to about 8 a day, and I am floating in eggs. I know, don't complain. Right. Feast or famine, my mom says.
Anyway, we have a writer's meeting coming up this weekend, and I have been pounding away on my laptop, building up more material for my critique group to critique. My problem is, I have too many ideas jumping around in my head, demanding to be put down on paper before they disappear completely. It is very difficult for me to complete an idea, finish a manuscript. And the ones I do finish, I keep going back and tweaking, or completely re-writing altogether. I have to learn when to stop and just leave things alone.
But it's hard.
Don't look for anything tomorrow. I'll be in Lexington all day.
Bye all.

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