Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My duh moment...

So, I'm in trouble. I did not get a lot of writing done yesterday. What I did get done I think is pretty good, but word count wise, I didn't do much. I did get one of my critique partners wip worked on though. One thing I can say about the girls that are in my group, they are diverse. I generally read contemporary short or long romance, but they are leading me into Wild West and the Scottish Highlands. Not my normal cup of tea, but I find I am enjoying myself.

Today, though, I am going to WORK!

On to my duh moment.

I've been very excited because my hens have started laying. 8 eggs a day usually, which is awesome. Well, in the past week, egg production has gone down. I mean, to zero. For three days I could not figure out why I did not have any eggs. The chickens were fine, eating well, so they should be producing. Right? Wrong. And yesterday, I finally figured out why.

This is Murphy. I happened to go outside unexpectedly yesterday, and guess who I saw jumping out of the door of the chicken coop? Yep, Murphy. My 180 lb Mastiff. And as I looked around inside, I realized he's been going in there for a while. There are marks on the wall where he has been marking his territory, inside. So, in the past three days, Murphy has eaten about 24 eggs, if not more.

No wonder he hasn't been eating the other dog's food like he usually does.

And yes, he does smile like that, because he knows he's so cute.

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