Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a Blah Day!

Ugh!!! Thunderstorms in January? Isn't that a little odd. Well, I guess no more odd that 70 degree weather like we had last January. Remember that?

Lightning woke me up this morning. Not little lightning, BIG LIGHTNING. Enough to make my husband and I both sit up in bed as the thunder crashed over top of us. Then pounding rain. Like we needed it. Not. There is no more drought in Kentucky. In the summer we were begging for rain, now we're sick of it. We're just never happy.

It was a good day to write though. I think rain relieves the guilt of not doing something constructive outside. I know I still feel like I'm skirting my responsibilites when I write. Escaping into my own little world, blocking out kids, hubby, phone , etc. My husband plays video games in bad weather, so while he's occupied, usually with my son too, I pound away, happily.

My current wip is bogging down, so I typed out a few pages of something new. The new piece is flowing out as fast as I can type. Wow! Maybe because it has undertones of law enforcement.

Write what you know, right?

Well, till tomorrow.

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