Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, in an effort to de-clutter, I've been posting some things on E-bay. For a while this year, I was a nurse aid in a nursing home. With my background in law enforcement, I somehow thought that helping the elderly would be a good substitute. When I moved to Kentucky, my Ohio certifications did not transfer over. I would have had to go to Richmond for a 4 month police academy, and with my husband travelling for work, it just would not have been possible. So, I've kind of been looking for something to do a couple days a week while everybody is gone. And although I enjoyed the people in the nursing home, it was just not the job for me. It takes a very strong person, physically and mentally, to take complete care of 8-10 people in an eight hour shift. Bathing, dressing, personal care, feeding. The list is endless of things they need. And it was just not the job for me. Hence, I had several scrubs outfits to get rid of. I certainly didn't get the money out of then I paid for them, but they're not cluttering my closet now.

We also sold a guitar, and that really opened up some space.

So, I am really trying to make sure today is not a waste. Snow came through northern Kentucky last night, and of course school was cancelled. In Ohio, people would have laughed at the amouth of snow the schools cancel for. The kids are at an age that I can give them projects to do, and of course my boy has games he can play, so I'm really trying to get some writing done today. I'm sure we'll have to take a break to go sledding for a while, but it's beautiful outside, even though cold.

Get out and get some vitamin D.

Till tomorrow...

This is Buck, by the way.

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